Meet the Filmmaker: Tamra Davis


Tamra Davis 

Home Town:

Los Angeles California

Inspiration for film:

Jean-Michel Basquiat is such an inspiration. One look at his eyes would make me do anything for him. Even work tirelessly for 2 years on this labor of love. 

Female Role Model:

madonna, michelle obama, tava 

Favorite Recipe:

oh man that’s hard. i wrote a whole cookbook of my favorite recipes. right now my favorite recipe is a cappachino. but i love my granola recipe, my chipotle sauce recipe, and my fruit crumble recipe. Although if you asked my kids right now they love my bean pie recipe. I bought a bean pie from a nation of islam guy and then worked up a recipe. it Super high in protein and my boys could eat it all day, and i dont mind if they do.

Favorite  Book:

food rules by michael pollen. Collected works of oscar wilde, mark twain, it’s here now by by bhagavan das. and all my cookbooks 

Film Fetish:

isn’t all film fetish? i love movies, all good movies.  




Tamra Davis is a film, television and music video director.

She made numerous music videos for such diverse bands as N.W.A, Sonic Youth and Hanson.  Her Tone Loc video for “Wild Thing” was one of MTV’s most played videos of the 80’s.

Her first feature film , “Guncrazy”, stars Drew Barrymore. It was on Vincent Canby’s top 10 list and gained a Golden Globe Best Actress nomination for Ms. Barrymore.

Tamra has directed 9 feature films including “Billy Madison” with Adam Sandler, “CB4” with Chris Rock and “Half Baked” with Dave Chapelle. After she directed “Crossroads” with Britney Spears she temporarily retired to have children with her husband Mike D. of the Beastie Boys.

While spending much time at home and on the road with her family, she discovered a love for television and has directed such shows as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Ugly Betty” and “My Name Is Earl”.

She has just completed a documentary on the painter, Jean-Michel Basquait called “Jean-Michel Basquiat – The Radient Child”. The film is being shown Internationally in film festivals and will be released in the Summer of 2010.

Currently she is working on a TV movie/pilot for VH1 called “Single Ladies” that will be released in the Spring of 2011.  In addition to her Film and Television work Tamra is pursuing her interest in internet content with a self made series called Tamra Davis Cooking in which she shares her passion for food, filmmaking and family.