Meet the Filmmaker: Mitch McCabe

 Name:  Mitch McCabe

Home Town: Detroit MI

Inspiration for film: The seeds of the film were planted early… very early.  Even as a teenager, I was anxious about time passing. I was a bit of an upstart feminist, noticing how women became increasingly invisible as they aged, while it was just different from men. When I turned 20, it dawned on me that aging was something that happens to all of us.  When I hit 35, I suddenly became hyper aware of every mention around me of creams, serums, injections, books, pills and surgical procedures in the search for the fountain of youth.  My male friends bemoaned losing their hair and were secretly looking into hair transplants. The “Anti-Aging” industry had grown to a $60 billion a year business, both catering to and fueling the fear of getting old. It started feeling like I was primed to hit the road and start a film.
Female Role Model: Katherine Bigelow, and a lot of women we don’t know (yet)
Favorite Recipe: A tie between Winter vegetable stew and 7 layer Mexican dip. They are also the only two things I know how to make, as I prefer that my man do the cooking. Wait a minute, do the Male Directors have to answer this on their directors QAs?


Favorite  Book: Middlesex, 1984
Film Fetish:  Will Ferrell, Katrin Cartlidge, Robert Altman

A native of the Detroit suburbs, Mitch McCabe started running around with one camera or another in her early teens. Her films have received several awards and screened at hundreds of festivals, venues, and have been broadcast by HBO, PBS and Showtime. Her recently completed documentary YOUTH KNOWS NO PAIN, made with HBO Documentary Films (and supported by VCCA in 2003) premiered at Lincoln Center in April 2009 and began airing on HBO in the fall of 2009 after touring the festival circuit.  The film was nominated for a WGA writing award at the Silverdocs Film Festival and played at the prestigious International Documentary Film Association Festival in Amsterdam.  Her first film, PLAYING THE PART screened at Sundance Film Festival, New Directors/ New Films, and won an Academy Award in the Student category, The New York Times calling it enthrallingand Film Comment  naming it One of the Year’s Top 10 Short Films.  Her short films SEPTEMBER 5:10PM (1999) and HIGHWAY 403, MILE 39 (2004) were both nominated for Student Academy Awards and premiered at the New York Film Festival.  In 2003, McCabe wrote and directed the narrative featurette THIS CORROSION which won a Princess Grace Award.  In 2007 her short film TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.  

McCabe received her BA from Harvard College and her MFA in film directing from NYU.  She has taught film at Ramapo College and lectured at Montana State University, New York University, University of Iowa, Harvard College, Hunter College, Vassar and Lafayette.  She lives and works in Los Angeles and New York.