Meet the Filmmaker: Libby Spears

Name: Libby Spears

Home Town: Charleston, South Carolina

Inspiration for film: The “Comfort Women”:  the women and girls who were trafficked from Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia during the Japanese war.

Female Role Model: Satine Storer

Favorite Recipe: Anything with cardamom

Favorite  Book: Herman Hesse, ‘Demian’

Film Fetish: Lars von Trier


Bio: Libby Spears is a director of both narrative and documentary work. She conceived of the idea for Playground in 2001 while photographing a documentary in the Philippines and Central America about women’s sexual self-image.  Libby’s background in social issue filmmaking and commercial production has produced works for PSI in Nepal on water and sanitation, and IOM in Indonesia, on human trafficking and the aftermath of the tsunami. Libby’s film directing and producing credits include a film on the jazz band MEDESKI, MARTIN &WOOD, Bruno Coppola’s RULES OF LOVE and Christopher Walken’s directorial debut, POPCORN SHRIMP for Showtime Television.