Meet the Filmmaker: Beth Murphy

Two strangers, Patti Quigley and Susan Retik, formed a common bond in their grief when both lost their husbands on Sept. 11, 2001. BEYOND BELIEF (Tribeca Film Festival, Netflix, Sundance Channel) chronicles what they did with that unimaginable loss, traveling to Afghanistan to meet women there also widowed by violence. Director Beth Murphy follows Quigley and Retik as they discover that although they are worlds apart, they share a kinship with their Afghan counterparts.  Khaled Hosseini (Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns) calls it “A moving and beautiful film!  This is a human story about the universality of loss, grief, and the ways in which we search for healing.”  This film, completed in 2007, is now part of a national outreach and education campaign and raises tens of thousands of dollars for projects supporting Afghan widows and children. In addition, we are currently collaborating with the World Trade Center Tribute Center and Facing History and Ourselves to create high school curricula that inspires community service projects.

Past and Present for Beth Murphy

Completed Work with New Goals: BEYOND BELIEF

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What Tomorrow Brings by Beth Murphy

Afghanistan has once again taken center stage in the global fight against terrorism. As President Obama commits 17,000 additional troops, the Taliban gathers strength across the border in Pakistan ‐‐ undermining stability in both countries – and recent elections are marred by allegations of fraud, the fate of the entire region hangs in a precarious balance. Against this harrowing backdrop, the feature‐length documentary WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS takes us inside a year in the life of a newly established Afghan girls’ school, where the humanitarian battle to provide basic education for girls mirrors the military and political battles to save Afghanistan from again becoming a failed state.  The film traces the stories of several girls over a single school year – both inside the classroom and at home – while providing a rare glimpse into the day‐to‐day life of an Afghan community torn between two radically different destinies.   This film is in the pre-production phase and is supported by Cinereach.


Promise of Freedom by Beth Murphy

THE PROMISE OF FREEDOM is a modern-day Oskar Schindler story about a young American fighting to save thousands of Iraqis who are endangered because they worked for the United States. Frustrated by a stagnating government bureaucracy that has failed to protect these people, American aid worker Kirk Johnson begins compiling a list of the names of our “Iraqi allies” and, one by one, helping them find refuge and a new life in America.  This film is an ITVS funded project in the editing phase. Another trip to Iraq has been scheduled for spring/summer 2010 to follow up with our subjects.