Meet the Filmmaker: Dawn Gifford Engle

Dawn Gifford Engle has a background in public service. She worked for the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. for twelve years, first as a research assistant to U.S. Senator Robert Griffin, and then as Legislative Assistant to Congressman Jack Kemp and as Legislative Director to U.S. Senator Robert Kasten. In 1986, she was promoted to be Kasten’s Chief of Staff, … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Jennifer Arnold

Jennifer graduated from UCLA and University of Nairobi with a B.A. in African History and returned to UCLA for a MFA in Film. Her award-winning film, MAID OF HONOR screened at Sundance before airing on HBO/Cinemax and Film 4. Jennifer returned to Sundance with her internet series, “The Mullet Chronicles,” which was developed into the documentary, AMERICAN MULLET and released … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Tamra Davis

Name: Tamra Davis  Home Town: Los Angeles California Inspiration for film: Jean-Michel Basquiat is such an inspiration. One look at his eyes would make me do anything for him. Even work tirelessly for 2 years on this labor of love. 

Meet the Filmmaker: Laura Poitras

Home Town: Boston   Inspiration for film: On-going existence of Guantanamo Bay Prison   Female Role Model: Louise Bourgeois, Patti Smith, Virginia Woolf, Chantel Akerman   Favorite Recipe: I like cooking without recipes   Favorite  Book: Underworld, Crime & Punishment   Film Fetish: Anti-heros   Website:   Bio: Laura Poitras is currently working on a trilogy of films about … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Mitch McCabe

 Name:  Mitch McCabe Home Town: Detroit MI Inspiration for film: The seeds of the film were planted early… very early.  Even as a teenager, I was anxious about time passing. I was a bit of an upstart feminist, noticing how women became increasingly invisible as they aged, while it was just different from men. When I turned 20, it dawned … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Lydia Nibley

Name: Lydia Nibley Home Town: Los Angeles, California   Inspiration for Two Spirits: I’m fascinated by the interplay of the masculine and the feminine and think there’s a new frontier ahead, as we finally begin to work things out in a more sophisticated way. The creative inspiration for Two Spirits came from three sources—a beautiful photograph of Fred Martinez with … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Libby Spears

Name: Libby Spears Home Town: Charleston, South Carolina Inspiration for film: The “Comfort Women”:  the women and girls who were trafficked from Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia during the Japanese war. Female Role Model: Satine Storer Favorite Recipe: Anything with cardamom Favorite  Book: Herman Hesse, ‘Demian’ Film Fetish: Lars von Trier Website: Bio: Libby Spears is a director of … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Beth Murphy

Two strangers, Patti Quigley and Susan Retik, formed a common bond in their grief when both lost their husbands on Sept. 11, 2001. BEYOND BELIEF (Tribeca Film Festival, Netflix, Sundance Channel) chronicles what they did with that unimaginable loss, traveling to Afghanistan to meet women there also widowed by violence. Director Beth Murphy follows Quigley and Retik as they discover … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Abigail Disney

Name: Abigail Disney Home Town: New York, NY Inspiration for film: The amazing women I met in Liberia Female Role Model: Billie Jean King Favorite Recipe: Chocolate Mousse Favorite  Book: Middlemarch, by George Eliot Film Fetish: Singing in the Rain, Battleship Potemkin, Best Years of our Lives, Casablanca Website: Bio: Born in LA, transplanted permanently to NY in 84, … Read More

Meet the Filmmaker: Marlo Poras

  Name: Marlo Poras Home Town: Brooklyn, NY Inspiration for film: To introduce viewers to worlds and people they might not have known or cared about otherwise and to help them connect with the contradictions that are both specific to the film’s subjects and present in all our lives. Female Role Model: Granny D  Favorite  Book: When The Spirit Catches … Read More